There are a few key ways in which Facebook and Instagram differ:

-First, Facebook is all about connecting with friends and family, whereas Instagram is more focused on sharing photos and videos. This means that the content you see on Instagram is typically more personal than what you would see on Facebook.

-Second, Facebook has much more of a focus on text posts, while Instagram is all about visuals. So if you’re looking to share your thoughts with your followers, Facebook might be the better option. But if you want to share photos or videos of what’s going on in your life, Instagram is definitely the way to go!

-Third, Facebook offers many different features that aren’t available on Instagram (such as groups and events), whileInstagram has some features thatFacebook doesn’t offer (like “stories” which disappear after 24 hours). This means that each platform appeals to a slightly different audience.

How do you use Facebook and Instagram differently?

There are a few key ways that Facebook and Instagram differ from one another:

1. Purpose – While both platforms are social media networks, their purposes are different. Facebook is meant for staying in touch with friends and family, while Instagram is focused on sharing photos and videos. This means that the type of content you share on each platform should be tailored accordingly. For example, you might post about your recent vacation on Instagram but would share a news article or funny meme on Facebook.

2. Audience – The audiences for Facebook and Instagram also vary greatly. As mentioned before, Facebook skews older while Instagram’s users skew younger. This makes sense when you consider that parents may use Facebook to keep up with their children’s lives while kids prefer using Instragram to document their own experiences and share them with friends.

3. Features – Lastly, there are several features offered by each platform that aren’t available on the other one. On Instagram, you can add filters to your photos and videos which gives them a more professional look (or just enhances your natural beauty). You can also include hashtags in your posts so they show up in searches, as well as create Stories which expire after 24 hours and can only be viewed by people who follow you (or those who have seen it previously). Meanwhile, Facebook allows users to live stream video broadcasts, create groups for discussions among friends/family/colleagues etc., post updates that will appear at the top of followers’ news feeds regardless of how long ago they were posted etc.